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  1. Voluntarily express a genuine interest in becoming a member of our club.

  2. Submit a completed application (click here to download a copy) by mail only to the SSBC Clubhouse with the appropriate initiation fee, $50 SSBC Club Card fee and membership dues at the time of application (this does not apply to 'member-in-waiting' status - refer to SSBC policy for procedure).

  3. All prospective members must have a sponsor who is a member of the club in good standing for more than one year. The sponsoring member agrees to be responsible for mentoring the new member during his/her first year of membership.

  4. The current Bridge shall review all applications. At least four (4) current Bridge members shall vote to determine to accept the membership request.

  5. If membership is not granted then the initiation fee, $50 SSBC Club Card fee and membership dues will be returned to the requsting individual.

  6. No prospective member shall be denied membership on the basis of race, sex, national origin, religion, creed, gender, disability, age, or size or type of vessel.

  7. Membership cards will be distributed yearly after the February 1st deadline by the Membership Secretary and shall be carried by the member at all times.


  1. A member will pay dues, assessments, $50 SSBC Club Card fee and/or un-reimbursed work hours by February 1st of each year that he/she is a member.

  2. A member will refrain from actions that would reflect dishonor or disgrace to SSBC or its members.

  3. A member will comply with SSBC Bylaws and Policies, and SSBC Bar Rules.

  4. A member agrees to practice safe boating.

  5. A member agrees to be an active participant in SSBC.

  6. A member, when attending an affiliated boat club, will abide by the rules of that club.

  7. Every SSBC member shall be required to put in 10 work hours per calendar year. Work hours will be tracked and the time must be approved by a Board member, committee chairperson or event coordinator. The Work Hour Committee Chairperson will track work hours. A roster of all known work hours opportunities for the calendar year will be developed and published annually (with updates posted on the Work Hours page in the 'Members Only' section of this site). Any member that does not complete the required work hours in the calendar year shall be billed $20.00 per hour for all work hours not fulfilled. Any member that does not pay for their unfulfilled work hours by the time membership renewals are due will be denied membership until payment for work hours is received. If payment for unfulfilled work hours is not received by the membership dues deadline then the member will have to reapply for membership, including payment of a new initiation fee as stated in the SSBC Bylaws. Qualifying work would include, but is not limited to, bartending, hosting or helping on an event which is directly put on in whole or or part by SSBC, club maintenance (cleaning, painting, carpet cleaning), assistance in receiving orders for the bar, construction, outside yard work and parking area maintenance, editing the SSBC newsletter, maintenance of membership files, serving on standing committes or serving of the Board or other official club service as determined by the Bridge.

Note: Annual work hours may be prorated for new members that join the club. Members that join during Q3 (July September) will be required to submit 5 work hours that year; during Q4 (October December), 3 hours that year.

For each unfulfilled work hour there will be a $20 assessment at the time of renewal (Feb 1st of the following year).

Thanks for your interest in joining our club!

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